Smart, sportive and simply beautiful

Khanty-Mansiysk is one of the most sportive territories on the map of Russia. Major biathlon competitions are replaced by international chess tournaments. Hockey, skiing, snowboard, box, tennis, water polo… This is not the whole list of sports that enjoy a big attention in Ugra.

It is a common thing to meet an Olympic champion, a famous hockey player or a wrestling master on the street. And in the recent months in Khanty-Mansiysk it is easy to meet the strongest chess players of the world. As we know, chess players are also sportive. For example in between playing days one could enjoy watching Alexandra Kosteniuk jogging at the spring sidewalks of Ugra.

“I like sport a lot and was happy with the successes of our Olympic athletes in Sochi. Basically, I am a person who prefers to make sport rather than follow it, and if I have an opportunity, I train quite a lot, I jog, swim. I am quite a mobile person,” shared the Russian.

Tatiana Kosintseva, besides chess of course, prefers to play lawn tennis. Perhaps the image of a tennis player suits her the most of the chess queens. One during the post-game press-conference she even confessed that if not for chess at the time, she could maybe choose tennis.

Katerina Lagno and Olga Girya prefer to alternate mental load with physical. “Walking saves from psychological load. I also prefer to swim or make fitness,” said Katerina Lagno. Olga Girya underlined that often goes to the gym right after the important games.

In football, hockey and many other sports it is widely believed that at home “even the walls help”. Apparently this postulate can be applied to chess. Olga Girya confessed that it is much easier for her to play at home: “In Russian and Russian-speaking countries it is always more pleasant to play, and abroad I sometimes feel discomfortable. Taking in account that I am from Ugra, I have special support here – close friends, acquaintances. Here I feel a real peace of mind.”

Since this is a women tournament, for women shopping is also some kind of sport, although not recognized and a bit spendy. During a free day between the games Antoaneta Stefanova made a tour around the city’s shopping centers. She confessed that shopping perfectly lifts her spirits.

by Nikita Filippov

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