Antoaneta Stefanova: “It’s my fifth book since I have arrived here and I only brought six with me”


 The Bulgarian star received her first chess guidance from her father at the age of 4, and just three years later she already made her name by winning the Sofia Championship.

Round six drama


We enter the second half of the FIDE Women GP with the same leader: Hou Yifan, who keeps the one point distance from the second place, after drawing with Black against Antoaneta Stefanova. I

An apparently pacific 5th round


After the rest day, the podium remains unaltered: Hou Yifan cruises to another win against Nafisa Muminova, running with a full point away from Anna Muzychuk. 

Participants of the tournament visited the sights of Khanty-Mansiysk

On Sunday, the free day at the tournament, the organizers prepared a mini-tour around the main cultural, sportive and historical sights of Ugra capital for all the participants and guests of Grand Prix.

Black on white


A game of chess creates as much emotions, contradictions and admiration for its author as an intriguing writing.  If you take a closer look, the course of the game reminds of any story’s plot. T

Between agony and ecstasy


If you have thought that chess had little or no connection with physical sports, the fourth round of the Khanty Mansiysk 2014 FIDE Women GP may change your view. I

Interview with Nana Dzagnidze: “I like sonnets and Shakespeare very much”

Nana Dzagnidze showed her strength over the chess board from a young age when she won the under 12 World Junior Championship 1992.

R4: small changes at the top

The first player in this tournament to have thrown sand into Hou Yifan’s wheels was the Ukrainian GM, Lagno, who successfully hold the Chinese to a draw.

Andrei Selivanov: “Women chess is much more unpredictable than men’s

Vice-President of Russian Chess Federation Andrei Selivanov who visited Khanty-Mansiysk, answered the questions of journalists in the press-center.

R3: With full steam ahead, Hou Yifan seems unstoppable


By all the rules of the somewhat undefined and yet implacable science of probabilities, keeping the pace of five decisive games per day was virtually impossible. In the third round, the drawing rate finally took revenge, as we only had two decisive games.